Hey guys,

Probably should’ve addressed this issue earlyer, but i was filming the the video and my camera just, shut down, so by the te its October thats when I’ll be ableto afford a new one :( so sorry guys, but i will have atleast 8 new videos up by then, also i have a busyer scedual and will have more time for video blogging!! See u then :) 


Congratulations amazing Phil for 1 million subscribers!!


Video should be ready either today or tomorrow :)


The editing prosses is going slow… and windows 8 is not working sooo …


I’ve been getting alot of stuff on mt instagram and facebook saying that i should post videos on YouTube… well ill make a channel using my tumblr name, if you guys like my video’s… I’ll post more on my channel… leave me an email on what you think i should post on my new channel…

Trigolisandra@gmail.com or find me on Facebook…

Username lisandra trigo… comming sometime soon i will make a facebook page for you guys to enjoy!! See you on YouTube!!

<333 liz


Second video!!


Thank u so much tj smith and all of u people who sent me their ideas, i will announce the winner live in my next video :)




I’ve been waiting for you forever, lizzyintheskywithdiamonds.


I’m sorry but i luv Sherlock Holmes!! This gif is awesome!!  


Second video comming soon…

Hey guys, I’m posting a second video soon and need topic ideas, if u don’t know already, i am very awkward when comming up with video topics, lol i don’t even know y i did this… anyway The best idea will be in my video!!

this post is also on my fb so send me a message:

Lisandra Trigo or send me an e-mail at Trigolisandra@gmail.com

Thank you!!


0.o LOL

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